Our Mission


The Brooklyn Book Bodega increases the number of 100+ book homes in Brooklyn. Research shows that households with 100+ books boost life outcomes for children and adolescents.

Our vision is to create a vibrant and welcoming community that encourages children and adolescents from diverse backgrounds to engage with each other over a shared passion for reading while building their personal libraries.

We Believe In:

Access: There should be zero barriers to getting access to books.

Choice: Children should be able to choose what they want to read and should have plenty of options.

Ownership: Children should have a lot of books in their homes: books that they want to read now and books to savor for later.

Discovery: Books act as windows and as mirrors. Kids should see themselves reflected in the characters they encounter and should discover unknown worlds and new ideas in the books they read.

Re-use: Books are meant to be read multiple times and old books can have new lives. By passing on books you no longer use, others can enjoy them.

Community: Purposeful interactions build community engagement.  



“The way to invite kids into the world of knowledge is to have as few barriers as possible. That’s why the Bodega is free and why kids select the books they want to read.”

— Co-Founders Rebecca Cohen, Seema Aghera, Tamara Jachimowicz