We are looking forward to welcoming kids and families to the bodega to browse books to build their library for the summer. #booksforkids #accesstobooks #freebooksforkids  #knowledgeispower #readingisfun #brooklynkids #brooklynmom #brooklynfamilies

Why Books

In a research study of 42 countries, the quantity of books in homes was the second most important predictor of reading performance. In fact, having about 100 books in the home yielded a reading performance 1.5 years higher than those with fewer books.

Immersing children in book-oriented environments benefits their later educational achievement, attainment and occupational standing.
— Scholarly Culture, Social Science Research, January 2019
Growing up in a home with a sizable library enhances literacy, number sense and even technological know-how in later life.
— Unread Books at Home Still Spark Literacy Habits, Scientific American, May 2019